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Membership Terms and Conditions

Hereinafter, the CLUB refers to the Florida and Georgia Roadside Assistance Motor Clubs:


Billing, customer service 954-380-8776

Emergency Road Services—Toll Free Number 1-800-221-8062.

Members can request a full refund within 7 days of the date of purchase by calling 954-380-8776. No Refunds after 7 days.

Emergency Road Services—Toll Free Number 1-800-221-8062. This membership contract contains the CLUB’S nationwide 24 emergency road service telephone number for you to call when your auto is disabled. The CLUB will dispatch an emergency service vehicle to your aid, and you are covered for up to a maximum of $100.00 for road service and towing, per disablement.  If, for any reason, road service cannot be dispatched, you must receive authorization from the CLUB to use a road service provider of your choice and upon presentation of receipts, the CLUB shall reimburse you up to $100.00 for road service and towing, not to exceed $100.00. To receive service, you must call with your membership contract and the CLUB will dispatch an authorization local service vehicle. The CLUB will not accept paid bills for reimbursement unless authorized by dispatcher. Road Service includes, but is not limited to: mechanical first aid, tire change, jumpstarts, fluids delivered. (eg: oil, gas, etc.) (The cost of fluids are members responsibility.) 

Emergency Lockout Services—If member keys are locked inside vehicle, member may engage a local locksmith for lockout service, CLUB will reimburse member up to $75.00 upon presentation of paid bills and statement of particulars. 

Emergency Room Locator Service—When you are traveling across the country, if you or one of your passengers become sick or injured, just call the 24-hour nationwide Emergency Room Locator operator for the nearest emergency room. The Emergency Room Locator operator will give you the location, plus the directions to the nearest emergency room. 

Map Touring Services—Your membership allows you to request and receive custom map touring kits. Simply call AHL 2 weeks in advance of your trip, giving origin and destination. 

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